Savannah Wellness Retreat
About Janet

The colonic irrigation (also known as colon hydrotherapy) training course is taught by Janet Budgell, a university-trained nutritionist who has chosen alternative healing.

In the past, Janet has worked as a nutritionist or health consultant for the Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Corrections, and the Union of Ontario Indians. She has worked on health projects in India, Australia and South America, and had co-ordinated federal projects to prevent diabetes, fetal alcohol syndrome, and cancer. She is director of the Coalition Against Water Fluoridation.

Recently, she co-authored a study for First Nations entitled Our Way Home.
Janet Budgell
Janet is Director of the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre Inc., and has taught the colon hydrotherapy course for nine years, with a strong emphasis on nutrition and client wellness. She is opening the Savannah Wellness Retreat soon as a weekend learning and health centre for women.

About Savannah Wellness Retreat

The colonic irrigation training course is taught in a very picturesque setting just north of the Hockley Valley. Savannah is a beautiful 20 acre retreat with a magnificent view.

For those attending from out-of-town or those who wish to stay here for the 4 nights of the course, you have a private room with shared or non-shared bathroom facilities. All rooms have a view and some have two entrances.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as accommodation, is provided for the low cost of $100 per day (this is currently only offered for students taking the course!).

Transportation to and from the airport is provided free of charge. Just call and we'll set up a pickup!